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Dedicated Personalised Service

Before a job seeker makes his/her decision to take up a job offered by a company, or before a company makes a decision to employ a job seeker, it is imperative that both parties must meet for a face-to-face discussion first.

This is because, despite the modern and advanced IT development we have now, no digital information can replace the benefits of analogue accuracy through a face-to-face meet up.

This condition will never change as long as people still have to work together in a workplace.

Hence, my mission is to provide each side with the necessary analogue information in order to help them make their respective decisions.

Of course the final decision will still be made by yourself. I am very sure the information that I will be gathering and providing will be useful to you - it will be more than just paper information.

I will represent you from the start of the journey until the stage where a final decision to take up the job offer has to be made.

I deemed it as compulsory for me to visit job-offering companies directly and to personally meet up with anyone who registers with us as a job seeker.

I believe in meeting my registrants in a more relaxed setting (eg. Hotel Lobby or Coffee Place), and not in an unfamiliar office environment.

This would be how a headhunting company meets their headhunted candidates.

Although this may seem a little less cost effective, but it is my style in effort to face the recruitment activities at the same level with you.

My aim is to work closely with my registrants and giving them the full support and advice.


Company's Unique Qualities

  • I will meet you at your convenience
    As Singapore is a small city, so I make it a point to meet my job seekers at a place and time convenient to them. I do likewise when I visit job-offering companies at a time suitable for them.
    The main reason behind this is to especially accommodate to those who came from Japan on a short stay to look for a job here in Singapore. I will help you make full use of your available time from your short visit. As for those who are already working in Singapore, I can meet you after your working hours.
  • I will not forward your details to any company until you choose for me to do so.
    First of all, I will make trips to job-offering companies and visit the Human Resource in-charge directly to gather information on the jobs offered. Thereafter, I will provide the relevant information of the company to my job seekers (eg. The company’s image, its work environment, information that you will not find in a job listing). In addition, as I have been in this industry for the past 22 years, I will be able to have links to inside information that I will share with you (eg. the company’s performance, trends and rumours).